Childbirth Classes

I'm not convinced that there is one all-inclusive, "perfect" childbirth method that fits everyone; I think everybody has a different "childbirth method" in which they will excel and succeed. I have incorporated many of the popular natural childbirth methods into my classes - this way, you have many different options when it comes to your labor day. It's completely acceptable to pick-and-choose the things that will work for you and leave the rest.


Classes for Hospital Birth & Home Birth 

Classes covering:

Nutrition, Exercise, Comfort Measures, Complications, Interventions, Labor Process, and Baby Care. All tailored to your specific needs!


Benefits of a Private Class:

  • Convenient time for you.

  • Held in your own home.

  • Discuss personal issues at ease.

  • You are not limited to just you and your partner - your entire birth team can participate!

Option A

Private Class
Three 2-hour classes tailored to your birth place and and how you would like to have your baby.

Option B

Group Class
Two 2-hour classes and One 1-hour personal consultation. Group classes are more of an overview of all your options with more specifics discussed during your personal consultation.