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Evidence Based Birth


Failure to Progress

Pitocin Augmentation


Bed Rest after Water Breaks

Exercise during Pregnancy

Pushing Positions

Birth Settings

Birth Centers

Home Birth

State of the Hospital Maternity Care System

Breech Babies

External Cephalic Version for Turning a Breech Baby

Cesarean Section

Big Baby

Failure to Progress

Failed Inductions

Immediate Skin-to-Skin in the Operating Room

Joint Commission Requirement for Hospitals to Evaluate their C-section Rates

Keeping Mothers and Babies Together after a Cesarean


The Evidence for Doulas

Doula Facilitates Skin-to-Skin in the Operating Room

Doula Changes State Law about Erythromycin Ointment

Evidence-Based Care

What is Evidence-Based Care? 

What is Patient-Centered Care? 

How do you Find Evidence?

Routine Care vs. Evidence-Based Care

Fetal Monitoring

Evidence Based Fetal Monitoring

Admission Strip Monitoring

How to Get Evidence-Based Fetal Monitoring

Gestational Diabetes

Big Babies 

Induction for Gestational Diabetes

Test for Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes 

Gestational Diabetes NIH Conference– Day One

Gestational Diabetes NIH Conference– Day Two

Group B Strep

Antibiotics and Alternatives for Group B Strep


Big Baby

Failed Induction

Post-Dates or Post-Term Induction

Low Fluid

Premature Rupture of Membranes

IVs during Labor

Eating and Drinking

IV Fluids

Saline Lock or “Hep Lock”

Newborn Procedures

Cord Clamping

Erythromycin Eye Ointment



Vitamin K

Prenatal Tests

Gestational Diabetes and the Glucola Test

Group B Strep Test


Pushing Positions

Perineal Massage during Pregnancy to Prevent Tears

Definitions of Failure to Progress

State of Maternity Care Table

Routine Care vs. Evidence-Based Care

Water Birth

Evidence on the Safety of Waterbirth

Pregnancy & Birth Resources

Childbirth Connection

The Brewer Diet

Spinning Babies 

Waterbirth International

The Miles Circuit


La Leche League 

Kelly Mom

Jack Newman

Milk Share

Eats on Feets - community milk share

Human Milk Banking 

Breastmilk Counts