During your birth plan consultation you will:

·        Find out your options for every aspect of pregnancy and birth procedures and tests

·        Learn how to get what you want in your birth from avoiding an episiotomy, waiting until a specific time for an epidural, avoiding a cesarean section, using water for labor or birth or whatever is important to YOU

·    Find out how to choose the right care provider (Doctor or Midwife), location and team for your birth

·        Find out about how a Doula (labor assistants) makes moms feel at ease and dads look like the perfect labor coach

·        Find out what to expect in a home or hospital birth and how to adapt routines to your needs and desires

·        Understand who does what on the hospital or home birth team including the midwife, nurse, OB and pediatrician

·        Learn how to plan for a gentle and personal cesarean section (or other labor variation)

·        Learn tips on communicating with medical professionals


Once your birth plan consultation is scheduled, you will be sent a birth plan guide and a comprehensive list of options and issues. The consultation is about 2 hours and is by appointment only. Consultations can be held in my office or your home.

If you desire to hire me as your doula, the cost of the birth plan consultation will be put towards your doula services fee and counts as one of your prenatal visits.

Birth Plan Consultation: $50.00